Planet Voldor (惑星ヴォルドール) is a location in the television series Macross Δ. The planet populated by humanoid "cat people" known as Voldorians. The system is also home to a Protoculture ruin.


Voldor is populated by Voldorians , who were originally modified felines by the Protoculture. Sixty-two percent of the land mass is covered in marshes and is described as a "blue and green planet". Its principle exports are lumber, fruits and spring water, and had zero strategic value.

The Windermereans discovered the polyphenols bound to the Voldor bicarbonate has high concentration of seidznole. By mixing water from Voldor with Windermerean apples, it creates seidznole in the body that triggers the Var. Other planets' ruins most likely have water with similar composition, making it efficient for Winderemere to artificially spread the Var Syndrome by using the water & apples. They then control the victims with the song of the wind sung by Heinz.