Walküre (ワルキューレ Warukyūre?, German for Valkyrie) is an idol group introduced in the Macross Δ television series.



They perform live concerts "Waccines" to cure Var Syndrome victims and sing with their trans-dimensional voices under the protection of Delta Flight.

The Walküre members are able to disguise themselves at will. They introduce themselves as Super Dimensional Venus and symbolize themselves by making "W" signs with their hands, resembling the West Side hand sign popularized by west coast rappers.

At the end of their concerts, they usually say "May the sea of stars be blessed by the goddess".

They depend on their fold receptor abilities to neutralize the Var. The Fold Receptors generate fold waves in sync with our minds. On the battlefield or when the member's life is in danger, her reaction will be stronger.

All members of Walküre have been selected because they possess special abilities fold receptors, which are capable of suppressing the activity of fold. The Walküre auditions re how they try to find people who possess the fold receptors.

When the members sing, they generate biological fold waves which calms down the Var.

The Waccines must be live shows, and not pre-recorded songs. If it's recorded or digitized, the effects are practically erased. They are also accompanied by the Delta Flight, which protects the Walküre while also accompanying them by doing air shows and dancing along with them to their songs. The Delta Flight are the backup dancers to the Walküre.


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