Wendy Ryder (ウェンディー·ライダー Uendī Raidā?) is a character that appears in the Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again OVA and its compilation movie. Wendy is an idol singer who is used in the U.N. Spacy propaganda releases.


She sang Invitation with the Valkyrie (バルキリーで誘って Barukirī de Sasotte?)  and For Now, A Friend during the annual UN Spacy Moon Festival. She was observed by the Marduk who believes her to be a human "Emulator" and thus try to capture her. (II: "Festival")

Macross II - Lovers Again - For Now, A Friend (Clip Musical)05:55

Macross II - Lovers Again - For Now, A Friend (Clip Musical)

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