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The Windermere Kingdom (Kingdom of the Wind) (ウィンダミア王国(風の王国) Uindamia Ōkoku (Kaze no Ōkoku)) is a sovereign nation on the planet Windermere IV (惑星ウィンダミアIV Wakusei Uindamia Fō), located 800 light years away from Ragna. The center of the kingdom is the castle Darwent (ダーウェント Dāuento).

In 2027 Windermereans encountered humans, when Megaroad-04 discovered their planet. Diplomatic relations were estabilished on terms which some Windermereans strongly resented.

After a war of secession against the New United Government around 2060 which ended abruptly with the detonation of a dimensional weapon of mass destruction that took millions of lives, the Kingdom secured its independence. Due to security concerns and for propaganda purposes, Windermere severely restricted its citizens from interstellar travel.

In 2067 it resumed hostilities against the NUG in order to seize the entire Brisingr Globular Cluster. As part of their plans, Windermere remotely triggered the Var Syndrome by projecting Heinz Nerich Windermere's song through a Protoculture shrine neighboring the Windermerean capital.

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