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Windermereans are a race that inhabits the Windermere IV planet in the Windermere System which is surrounded by a dimensional shaft. The planet governing body is the Windermere Kingdom.

Like humankind and the Zentradi, Windermereans are descendants of Protoculture, and hence known as the Children of Protoculture. They see themselves as being the closest to Protoculture.

They have a strong belief in what they call the "wind" which is like a flow of energy more than actual wind. Every few centuries a "Wind Singer" is born who is seen as having the strongest connection to Protoculture. These are also gifted with more power compared to the average Windemerean. In their orginal belief the Protoculture left behind a "Star singer" which was a priestess that then later passed down her powers to those who are now called "wind Singers".

Compared to other races, Windermereans have a short lifespan, with an average of 30 years though they have extreme physical abilities in exchange. They also age rapidly after reaching "adulthood". Instead of the normal wrinkles they get white spots on their skin as they age. Though Wind Singers who use their powers lose half of their life span. Because their lifespan is so short their normal marriage age starts around the age of 13+.

They are most known for their Rune's which looks like a part of their hair just with a different colour. They have several shapes and colour depending on the person, and a person can have either 1 or 2 of these. Their runes are something like a "nerve" because it has a lot of roles. It can shine different colours depending on the person moods, so it's like a person showing expressions. People are able to control their runes when they get older so it doesn't constantly show their emotions. Runes are also Receptors which is why Windermereans can't become infected with Var. Their Runes are also a direct antenna into their minds and thoughts which is why they react strongly if someone touches it. Windermereans don't let each others Runes touch unless the person is really close to them because it connects their emotion and "current" thoughts. When a Windemerean dies their Rune "runs out" meaning it loses it's colour and shine. No matter how amazing their Rune's power actually is the price for using it is their own life-force.

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