Yang Neumann (ヤン・ノイマン Yan Noiman?) is a brilliant young variable fighter designer and a genius hacker employed by Shinsei Industries. He was assigned to oversee tests for the YF-19 Variable Fighter representing his company for Project Super Nova.

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Yang was a true prodigy by all standards. Shinsei Industries was confident enough in his genius to make him the chief engineer for their experimental fighter; the YF-19, their entry for the competition to select U.N. Spacy's next generation fighter. Due to his age, he was the butt of a lot of jokes, especially from his test pilot Isamu who liked nothing better than to ruin Yang's precious prototypes with his dare devil antics. Yang was also a huge fan of Sharon Apple, and has used his hacker skills to infiltrate her highly guarded computer systems in an effort to steal her AI. He had all the parts except her emotions module which had proven to be beyond his skills since, unbeknownst to him, it didn't actually exist (Sharon's emotions were actually provided by her alleged producer Myung Fang Lone). When Project Super Nova got cancelled, he correctly predicted that Isamu was going to steal the YF-19 to stop the inauguration of its replacement, the X-9 Ghost, back in Macross City and managed to convince the hot headed pilot to take him along for the ride. When the crazed Sharon Apple took control of the city she also successfully hypnotized Yang into shooting Isamu. He missed and Isamu ejected him from the plane, presumably landing him somewhere safe.

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  • Yang Neumann's surname was probably inspired by John Von Neumann.
  • In the English dub of Macross Plus, he was voiced by Dan Woren who is recognizable as the voice of Roy Fokker (Roy Focker) in Robotech.


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